How to Apply for Residency in Mexico through Marriage or a Common Law Relationship with a Mexican Citizen, or sponsor your dependent child or grandchild

This page outlines the process on applying for a Temporary Resident visa (TR) through a sponsorship by a spouse who is a Mexican National, and also gives the process on sponsoring a child or grandchild if you have a temporary or permanent residency visa in Mexico.

Otherwise known as the “Change from visitor to temporary resident by family bond” or “Cambio a residente temporal por vínculo familiar” application, you will proceed through the process while you are in Mexico on a tourist FMM visa.

You do not need to pre-apply from a consulate or embassy abroad.

When you are married to a Mexican citizen, you are required to apply for the TR visa first.

After two years, you can then become a Permanent Resident.

There is an exception, if you are the parent of a child born in Mexico, you can apply for Permanent Residency right away.

Click here if you are the parent of a child born in Mexico, so you can apply for Permanent Residency instead.


  1. To be married to, or a common-law spouse of, a Mexican citizen.
  2. Your spouse’s valid Mexican national identification such as a Mexican voter credential card or a Mexican passport. (original and copy)
  3. Your passport. (original and copy)
  4. Your FMM tourist card. (original and copy)
  5. Your Mexican marriage certificate or a legalized marriage certificate from abroad. (original and copy)
  6. Proof of address, such as a utility bill. (original and copy, and it does not need to be in your name)
  7. Proof of payment of the application fee. (original payment slips and receipts, and 2 extra copies of each)
  8. NOTE: No financial information is required.

TOTAL COST: (2022) 5,893.00 MXN PESOS

There are two separate fees you will need to pay before submitting the application:

1. “Recepción y estudio de la solicitud, y en su caso, la autorización del cambio de condición de estancia” = 1,514.00 MXN pesos


2. “Recepción, estudio de la solicitud y, en su caso, la expedición del documento migratorio que acredita la condición de estancia de Residente Temporal. Hasta un año (DRT).” = 4,379.00 MXN pesos


NOTE: If you are in a common-law relationship – Mexico refers to a common-law partner as a “concubine”.

To prove a common-law relationship that would be valid in Mexico, you would have to appear in front of a judge and get a document that declares your common-law relationship is valid and legal.

For most people, it can be easier to just get married at a civil registry in Mexico.


IMPORTANT: All names on the identification, the passport, the FMM visa, the marriage certificate and the application MUST BE IDENTICAL or immigration will not accept your application. No middle initials, the names must match exactly on all documents with the ID produced.

Plan to spend focused time to prepare this application right the first time. You don’t want to have to leave the immigration office and re-do it.

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You can sign up here to book one-to-one assistance with your Mexican residency visa application:


If you are not yet married, make sure you have your birth certificate legalized for use in Mexico before you arrive in Mexico, so that you can apply for a marriage at a civil registry in Mexico.

Mexico recognizes same-sex marriage. So if you are gay or lesbian (LGBTQ), you are welcome to marry your Mexican partner here in Mexico. You’d follow the same process, as long as one of you are Mexican.

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