Apply for your residency visa in Mexico

We will help you understand how to do it yourself, with our support if you need it.

Hola! I’m Jennifer, a Canadian in Mexico. It felt great when I picked up my Mexico Residency visa card!

Are you aware that you can submit your own Mexican immigration and residency application?

You can also apply for your Mexican “RFC”, which you will need to open a bank account or to earn pesos in Mexico.

✔️ Know exactly how much it will cost, including INM or government fees.

✔️Receive access to the Move to Mexico Guide Members Only Forum.

✔️ Includes a one-hour consultation on WhatsApp or Google Meet.

Spend less time trying to learn the processes and more time enjoying life in Mexico.

Moving to a different country can be a stressful process.

Our team of professionals will help you navigate all aspects of a cross-border move and make the process as easy as possible.

Move to Mexico Guide Programs:

Our programs will take you through the various processes involved in becoming a resident of Mexico.

You can start with our “Immigration and Residency in Mexico Assistance Program“, which gives a general overview of all programs, or choose from one below.

We have more programs coming soon! Our next eCourses to be released this Summer 2023 will be about “Lawyers in Mexico” and “How to Apply for your RFC“.

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