Fees Payable to Mexican Immigration (INM) in 2023

How much will it cost for immigration fees? In English, here’s a breakdown of the common fees charged by Mexico’s immigration department.

Click here to open the 2023 Schedule of Fees published by INM (in Spanish)

Note: This information is current as at January 16, 2023. You can confirm INM figures with Mexico’s published immigration and residency fee schedule at Mexico’s official website directly above (or download 2023 INM – NUEVAS TARIFAS DE PAGOS DE DERECHOS).

Mexico INM Schedule of Fees (English).

FMM / Tourist Card: These are no longer being issued for air travel as INM has a digital passport stamp program now. (However, click here to obtain a LAND ENTRY FMM form online, if you are crossing into Mexico by land.)

  • 687.00 pesos (approximately $35 US dollars)

If coming in by air or boat (cruise):

  • The fee is absorbed into each traveler’s airline ticket, so you won’t have to pay this fee additional to what you pay to fly to Mexico.

You might also need to pay this fee if YOU LOST YOUR PHYSICAL FMM stub (which is no longer issued because of the new digital passport stamp program). Still, if you need a Replacement card, the fee for a replacement is the same as the original card/stamp (+plus any fines, if any – contact or visit INM directly to determine).

Temporary Resident:

  • 1 year – 5,108.00 pesos
  • 2 years – 7,654.00 pesos
  • 3 years – 9,693.00 pesos
  • 4 years – 11,488.00 pesos

Change of Condition: 

  • 1,632.00 pesos (plus fines, if any)

Note: Many times this fee is also payable if you are applying under the Family Unity program / present in Mexico because you are essentially applying to change your condition from a tourist (the FMM) to another condition, such as a temporary or permanent resident. It’s good to budget for this fee along with whichever other fee you will need to pay for whichever status you choose to apply. Each member of your family would need to pay this in addition to the residency fee, if they are already in Mexico.

Permanent Resident:

  • 6,226.00 pesos (+ plus a review fee after being in Mexico for 4 years as a Temporary Resident.)

Note: There is no review fee when pre-approved by a consulate.

Work Permission (permiso para trabajar):

  • 3,835.00 pesos

For Temporary Residents, Students and Tourists who wish to earn an income or be remunerated in Mexico pesos. (You do not need this if you earn income sourced from outside of Mexico.)

APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC):

4,376.00 pesos

Student (studying in Mexico):

  • 3,558.00 pesos

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replacement:

Contact INM directly to determine fines, if any,

Permission to Enter/Leave (a travel permit is required to leave and return to Mexico if you have already applied for a status but not yet received your residency/work permit card):

  • 522.00 pesos

Note: If you leave without the “Permiso de salida y regreso”, you risk cancelling out any active application you have made and not been approved for, and may have to start the process over again, and pay the fee(s) again.


  • 3,721.00 pesos

Regularization (Amnesty program):

  • 1,632.00 pesos (for a review).

Note: Mexico continues to offer a way to regularize your migratory situation, if your FMM or Mexico tourist card has expired and you wish to remain in Mexico for a specific reason. The terms are for the 4 year Regularization program:

  • Have at least one entry into Mexico between 2015-2021
  • Have a 180-day EXPIRED FMM visa that expired before December 31, 2022

If your FMM visa expired or expires in 2023, you cannot apply to this program. It is important you check with your local INM office if you are already in Mexico residing without an approved status.

  • If approved, the Temporary Resident fee applies, at the rate of 1, 2, 3 or 4 years, based on how many years you’ve been approved.

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